The Terry’s

The Terry Family stopped by after their wedding for a session in the studio which included a hard cover photo book. They were hilarious and great sports. We used the studio and parts of Red Hook to give the images a sense of real life.


    Erika Barratt – Heirloom Maker

    Meet Erika Barratt, an artist with a strong yet subtle aesthetic that makes magic happen so seamlessly. She is a designer who makes handmade dolls, flowers, Her studio is on the same floor as kamau studios and we’ve become friends and occasional colleagues. This month, we got the opportunity to work together on a short story about her creative process which is aptly titled Portrait of An Heirloom.

    Here are some other images from our story which included a portrait session with her dolls.


      Find out more about Erika here.


      Back 2 School {2014}

      back 2 school

      Welcome back to school. You probably have fresh new threads and a great attitude for the beginning of the school year. Why wait until you’ve had three report cards to get your school pictures taken?

      In the spirit of storytelling, we’re offering a Back 2 School program for any family with youngsters in school that will tell your unique school story. It’s simple and affordable. Feel free to share with your friends.


      For the month of September, you get the flexible plan + 5 free images. Why? Because kamau wants all the students in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island (Yonkers too)…to have a great start to their year. And there’s an important bonus for every student that gets in front of the camera for the Back 2 School program. You get a free portrait when you bring back a good report card. Good means an average of 3’s and B’s. Got it? Now let’s put on those new school clothes and do our best. We’re on your team.












      Back 2 School program:

      1. Half hour photo shoot + 5 free images

      2. Return throughout the year for a free session with every good report card.

      3. That’s it. Go do your best.


      Inbox me.