Kamau Studios X Brooklyn Museum

On Saturday February 4th, the Black Gotham Experience (BGX) presented a work of conceptual, visual, and performance art at the Brooklyn Museum in the Beaux-Arts Court from 6-10pm for #TargetFirstSaturdays.

The design team for the forthcoming Black Gotham Experience graphic novel, Other Side of Wall Street, including Kamau Ware, Adrian Franks, Clifford Washington and William Ellis converted photographs of event attendees into graphical art then displaying them in the museum live. DJs Jah Medicine and GoodWill of Pure Magic curated the soundscape and audible art, spinning an upbeat soundtrack appropriate for the occasion.

Black Gotham

Story by Kamau Ware


Black Gotham Experience is an immersive multimedia project that celebrates the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. Black Gotham is a real and imagined place, an expansive public experience that includes walking tours through Manhattan’s Financial District, a developing series of graphic novels, art, food, and entertainment. The heart of this experience are three stories that revisit Manhattan in 1623 and move forward through the next three centuries. These stories are the Other Side of Wall Street, Caesar’s Rebellion, and Citizen Hope. Each story will exist as a walking tour and a photography-based graphic novel.

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New Amsterdam-1640

This is one of the only images representing the African Diaspora in 17th century New York.


Sample cell from Other Side of Wall Street. This is Catalina d’Angola.

Consider that a full day photo shoot at Kamau Studios is $880. Now consider the rewards package for a pledge of $500. There’s a lot of additional bonuses for supporting this important artistic and historical endeavor. Please consider supporting our flagship project and the first graphic novel from the series – Other Side of Wall Street.

Backers at this level receive a full day (8 hr.) photo shoot in the studio of Kamau Ware in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
+ an invitation to a special Black Gotham Dinner In New York City planned by “UpSouth” cookbook author Nicole A. Taylor. Dinner will be hosted by recording artist and Grammy-winning songwriter Gordon Chambers;

+ a signed copy of Other Side of Wall Street by Kamau Ware (2017)
+ a signed copy of UpSouth Cookbook by Nicole A. Taylor (October 2015)
+ a signed limited edition 11″x14″ sample page from the Other Side of Wall Street graphic novel
+ a “Thank You” in the printed graphic novel
+ a set of 4 Postcards
+ a Thank You on our web site


This is one of the characters named Caesar in Caesar’s Rebellion.


Relaunch | #blackgotham

Relaunch | #blackgotham

Enjoy the company of good people as we celebrate the next chapter of the Black Gotham Experience. This project began as a walking tour in 2010 and is evolving into an historic arts and cultural journey through time in the world’s greatest city. Find out more at the event.

The relaunch will include lite fare, drinks, live performances (TBD), gift bags, and DJ Sharri.


Saturday September 21st 2013



183 Lorraine Street

Brooklyn, New York


You can get a set of Black Gotham Experience Post Cards in our store. Get a set and mail your friends.