What Is Your Accent? 2.0

Naana Badu and What Is Your Accent returned to Kamau Studios for another photo session. This time the dynamic couple Raii and Whitney were models and a constant source of good vibes. In this shoot, Naana was able to show off her amazing accessories and styling. You can see more about Naana and What Is Your Accent by checking out their page. Check out their previous shoot here.

    Dr. Michele C. Reed

    Meet Dr. Michele C. Reed. She’s a hardworking family doctor with two office locations in Long Island and Queens, New York. She has a sense of humor that makes you really wonder if we all have a funny bone.

    This past year Dr. Reed stopped by kamau studios for a full story package which included a brief video about her practice, studio portraits, and a photo book. It has been a pleasure to not only get to know her but also her husband, twins, and dedicated staff. You can get to know more about Dr. Reed in the two videos we produced for her below. Expect to see more of Dr. Reed. She’s an awesome person.

    Dr. Michele C. Reed - 090

    Here is video number two.


    Dr. Michele C. Reed - 073

    Find out more about Dr. Michele C. Reed on her website – askdrmichele.com

    New Year Deals

    We started offering New Years Deals in January 2014 but want to do it even better for 2015. The idea is to offer new and established friends once-a-year deals to take advantage of our most popular services.

    Once you purchase your pass, you can use them any time this year or gift them to someone else. You can also share these deals with your friends and family. Here at kamau studios, we find 100% of our clients by word of mouth so this is also a great way to meet new people. We hope one or more of these offers is perfect for you.

    Wishing you well with those spoken and unspoken resolutions.

    Each package is available for purchase through our affiliate Warehouse.






    Flexible Photo Session includes all select images.

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    Quarter Day Photo Session for $100.oo

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    Whole Day Photo Session for $250.oo

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    Short video produced in-studio for $500.oo

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    We know…these deals are crazy, right? Only available once a year.