Kamau Studios X Brooklyn Museum

On Saturday February 4th, the Black Gotham Experience (BGX) presented a work of conceptual, visual, and performance art at the Brooklyn Museum in the Beaux-Arts Court from 6-10pm for #TargetFirstSaturdays.

The design team for the forthcoming Black Gotham Experience graphic novel, Other Side of Wall Street, including Kamau Ware, Adrian Franks, Clifford Washington and William Ellis converted photographs of event attendees into graphical art then displaying them in the museum live. DJs Jah Medicine and GoodWill of Pure Magic curated the soundscape and audible art, spinning an upbeat soundtrack appropriate for the occasion.

Laura Cromwell’s Woodlands

Laura Cromwell has a ceramics studio on the same floor as kamau studios. Similar to working with Erika Barratt, it’s always fun to collaborate with another artist whom you are familiar. Laura’s ceramic work is a spirited homage to nature, something dear to us at the studio.

    Check out more of Laura’s work here.

    Story Camp 2.0

    The Concept

    Story Camp explores the power of stories through collaborative workshops and projects. Story Camp is divided into two programs: Story Camp Core  and Evening Workshops. Both programs are led by Story Camp founders kamau ware and Paul Shirk.

    Story Camp Core is an intergenerational experience taking place from August 4th to 7th from 9am to 3pm for creative story-loving peoples from ages 8-80. Find out more about this program here.

    The Evening Workshops is for creative / professionals but a mature teenager could gain from some of the workshops too. They take place July 29th to 31st and August 4th and 5th from 6pm to 8pm. Each workshop expands upon a different aspect of storytelling led by a special guest. Find out more about this program here.

    The Vision for Story Camp is to create an open space to explore, learn, create, and share this fundamental thing called story. We aim to get better at sharing as well as listening and become better understood, happier, and smarter with these exchanges. Find out more about our first Story Camp in 2013.


    Evening Workshops:

    July 29th – July 31st and August 4th and 5th | 6pm – 8pm

    Story Camp Core:

    August 4th – August 7th | 9am – 3pm

    Story Camp Creators + Lead Instructors

    kamau ware, photographer +

    Paul Shirk, teacher +

    Story Camp Core | 9am to 3pm (Inquire for late pick up.)

    August 4th through August 7th

    Story Camp Core introduces new ways of thinking about stories. We teach that stories are not plot-driven creations that have to fit on a story map consisting of main events that follow a conflict. At Story Camp, we view stories from inspiration to consumption as a process of exploration. In our first year of Story Camp, we completed a graphic novel using photography that was conceived, written, photographed, and acted out be a group of creatives that literally spanned from 8 to 80. We’re very excited for Story Camp 2.0.

    More info… 

    Story Camp Evening Workshops | 6pm to 8pm (mingle till 8:30pm)

    July 29th through July 31st, and August 4th & 5th

    The first year of Story Camp, we had “evening drop-ins” after our main camp experience. This year the two experiences are on different weeks so the drop-in sessions can be further developed. We now have additional professionals who all use storytelling in their various disciplines to expand our sense of story while creating a fun setting for learning.


    Poetic Self Justice

    Renee Flagler, writer | Tuesday July 29th

    Narratives in Music

    Chenits Pettigrew, hip hop artist | Wednesday July 30th

    Social Media & Your Story

    Sammy D., inspirational speaker | Thursday July 31st

    Comedy as Storytelling

    Brett Sanders, comedic artist | Monday August 4th

    Branding & Storytelling

    Kamau Z. Akabueze, brand strategist | Tuesday August 5th

    More info…


    Evening Workshops

    $15 per Workshop or $60 for a pass (5 workshops)

    Tickets + Passes

    Core Camp

    $225 for the week – Monday through Thursday ($100 deposit)

    Request Application


    kamau studios | 183 Lorraine Street | 3rd Floor studio #5 | Brooklyn, New York 11231

    Registration + Inquiries



    Check out Story Camp 2013

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