Ediomi Utuk


Ediomi Utuk

Ediomi Utuk is a creative i met shooting an event for Ananse Shield. We spoke briefly in the elevator on our way up to the 11th floor where the event was taking place. It wasn’t an instant friendship but we were always glad to see each other as the event took on a life of it’s own and we both played our respective roles as host and photographer. We did become instant friends when i told her my vege-aquarian diet (vegetarian + seafood) and she only brought me the things i ate…including a red velvet cupcake at the end of the event.

Ananse Shield-056

Ediomi Utuk working the same gala as kamau studios for Ananse Shield.

We exchanged cards and agreed to stay in touch. Within a week she was at the studio and we were talking collaboration. The portrait at the top was taken at the end of the meeting just because there was a model, a photographer, and equipment in the same room. Why not?