Gallery Walk

Black Gotham Experience | Nerdy Thursdays | Image: Kay Hickman


Kamau Studios LLC is a visual storytelling studio founded in 2008 that specializes in creating visceral experiences. We are thrilled to produce the inaugural Gallery Walk in the Seaport District for 2021 with support from our title sponsor The Howard Hughes Corporation. The theme is the Magic HOUR: New York at dusk.

Seaport District | NYC

Since 2017, The Howard Hughes Corporation has welcomed our flagship project Black Gotham Experience into the community of the Seaport District. The inaugural Gallery Walk will take place August and September 2021 with an opening event on Thursday August 5th and closing on Saturday September 25th. The Magic HOUR Gallery Walk will take place at three spaces including Black Gotham Experience on Front Street, a two-story space on Fulton Street (formerly Guess), and a two-story space on Front Street (formerly the Food Lab). The exhibitions will be open three days per week starting August 5th with programming taking place weekly.


The Magic HOUR is a moment of transition that is sought after by photographers, walkers, and nature gazers. The 60-minute descent of the sun on the horizon is a spectacle of beauty before the transitioning from day to night. We look at this moment, dusk, metaphorically to consider the state of New York City for nearly a year as we took the initial blow of the covid pandemic in the United States. We ask New Yorkers to consider what was learned and their new state of being. How we survived. How we endured during this protracted sense of dusk and to celebrate the magic that kept us together. What is that magic? It ranges from yoga, meditation, conversations, long walks, art and music to plants. The Magic HOUR will unpack and present these insights as a collective vibration paired with this powerful moment known as the magic hour where everything feels more real and alive. We have cried, laughed, lost loved ones, and gained new perspectives – we are in transition to a new vibration. The Magic Hour casts a new light in the city’s plural voices and approaches to our time. It creates a space for contemplation and ultimately, healing through the arts, anchored in visual experiences.


  • Anne-Laure Lemaitre; co-curator, producer
  • Kamau Ware; creative director, co-curator, executive producer


We are looking for a curator or team of curators, artists, partners, and creatives to participate in our programming for the upcoming Gallery Walk and the next taking place in 2022.