Sew Fab by Lesley Ware

Story by Kamau Ware ( introducing Rashel Medina)


This may sound like an exaggeration but one of the best books i have ever held is Sew Fab by my wife Lesley Ware. It’s been an amazing ride watching her develop as a creative and entrepreneur. When we first met 11 years ago, she stepped into my gallery looking to buy her first piece of original art. Now she’s a published author and we collect art together.

Lesley Ware at McNally Jackson

Lesley Ware at McNally Jackson


All artists and entrepreneurs have to be a little crazy to take risks and leaps. It also requires a great deal of faith and hard work, perhaps more faith than craziness. Lesley and i work together as a creative team and share our dreams and reign each other in when needed. When Lesley had the idea to write a book about sewing four years ago, we were both excited but she exceeded my expectations when it came to her drive. In less than one year she earned the interest of her favorite publisher Laurence King of London, found a cool agent, and had a schedule in place to get all the writing done.

Sew Fab was released in February and the response has been inspiring. My personal favorite is seeing the young fashionistas posing with it on Instragram using the hashtag #sewfab or #sewfabbook. My second favorite is seeing adults who collect this piece as an art book. It’s really something for anyone who is interested in developing their own style. Check out this trailer we did for Lesley to get a feel for the energy it generates.


These photos were taken at the McNally Jackson book signing featured in the video above. There will be more signings and more videos in the future including one at the Brooklyn Museum on May 2nd. If you or someone you know is interested in fashion and doesn’t know how to sew, this is a perfect start.

Brandhyze Stanley

Brandhyze Stanley

JoJo (L) Marlowe (R) - Lesley Ware's fashion student

JoJo (L) Marlowe (R) – Lesley Ware’s fashion student

These young fashionistas hosted a party for Lesley in Brooklyn, which was an amazing stylish mix of adults chatting about parenthood and budding creatives making bows, playing games, and eating sweets. My photography student, Rashel Medina, was on deck to run the photo booth. It was a proud moment all around. A fabulous book, party, and the photos turned out great. Looking forward to working with Lesley to make the next dream come true. Stay tuned…


The next book signing will be at Brooklyn Museum from 5-7pm for Target First Saturday. It’s a free event. Hope to see you at this amazing historic moment for Lesley and Sew Fab.

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