Story Camp Core 2014

kw + Shirk

(left) kamau ware; (right) Paul Shirk








Story Camp Core | 9am to 3pm (Inquire for late pick up.)
August 4th through August 7th

Back Story: kamau ware and Paul Shirk are friends and colleagues who share a love of learning and the arts. kamau runs a storystyle photography studio and art gallery. Paul Shirk is a full time elementary school teacher, guitar player, and specializes in developing learning opportunities outside the classroom. Five years ago, we both taught at the same charter school. We teamed up to bring our passion for art and learning into a non-traditional learning space, a photography studio. The results have been more than we expected.

Setting: Camp begins with an exploration of stories in a range of works from poetry to film and of course photography. Through sharing individual and collective work, Story Camp participants discover more about themselves, others, the creative process, and the amazing power of storytelling. We developed our own definition of story that liberates the creator and listener.

Schedule: Story Camp Core begins at 9am on August 4th and ends Thursday August 7th. Camp ends at 3pm unless you need to arrange a late pick up. Lunch is not provided but we will have fruit and water.

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$225.00 for the Week ($100 deposit)

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