Loving 50

Bruce turns 50 with style in an intimate dinner among friends and family. It’s always nice to have an intimate dinner in New York City, especially when you can see the hustle and bustle from a convenient window.


The evening featured lots of laughs, tears, and reflections. The menu was amazing and i am always a fan of the client who offers the photography a cocktail. i can’t be only person who can drink and work at the same time. Bruce and his family were kind enough to make a place at the table for me and my Studio Manager, Clara. i thanked Bruce’s mother for making a seat at the table and her Texas accent was in full swing as she raised her eyebrows and replied, “Of course we made a place for you…” Anyway…the hospitality afforded me opportunities to catch intimate moments that pleased birthday boy Bruce. Win win. i hope i can turn 50 with the same level of style.

– kw