Team Tassy in New York

On Sunday June 30th, i had the chance to support a good cause and see some of my favorite people. My friend, Vivien Luk, has been telling me about Team Tassy for a couple years and they had a fundraiser on the 30th at The Spirit on East Side so i got to see what Team Tassy was all about…plus see Vivien and our mutual friends.

    Executive Director Vivien Luk and Scott Simon

    Executive Director Vivien Luk and Scott Simon

    Team Tassy was founded by Ian Rosenberger, a photographer who was in Haiti briefly after the earthquake of 2010 that left the country devastated and mourning the loss of 300,000 people. A young teen named Tassy saw Ian and asked him for help. Ian said “yes” and has reflected on how that one affirmation has changed his life. Tassy survived the hurricane but was living with a tumor. The help that Tassy needed would not be completed in a day and Ian stayed committed to helping Tassy, which included a flight back to the United States where Tassy received cancer treatment.

    As the story develops, Ian builds an organization around people in Haiti like Tassy by addressing poverty in two ways. One is through the non-profit affectionately named Team Tassy and the other through a for-profit called Thread that creates jobs in Haiti by manufacturing useful items out of found objects and trash.

    Team Tassy-NYC-041

    Team Tassy-NYC-007

    two images above – © Asis Ware 2013

    The fundraiser i went to on June 30th was for Team Tassy’s 121 Campaign. My guess is they’ll be back for more events. i’m glad Tassy met Ian who eventually hired Vivien to run the non-profit arm of their efforts. You can expect to hear more about Team Tassy here at kamau studios as this story unfolds.

    Team Tassy-NYC-029

    Tassy in New York City – June 30th 2013.