We hired kamau to shoot our premiere party and he created an awesome photo booth experience that was so fun people are still talking about it. He captured the most beautiful and lively images of the crowd that still decorate our site.


– Brett Sanders, Executive Producer of Brett and the City


Selena Schmidt_BW.kw.10

Yes, you’ll get photos you love – but the kamau studios experience is more. In his process and vision thru lens, kamau finds the authentic¬† stories of you and gifts them back to you in images.


– Selena Schmidt, Political Consultant



I took my 7 year old daughter Lilly-En to kamau studios for a mini session. They had met before but Lilly-En reserved some suspicion about that camera of his…


“Mommy, why is he always taking pictures?”


My daughter is gorgeous, wildly dynamic, super intelligent, and extremely vocal. But she was no match for kamau’s sincere temperance and intuitive eye. Through his storytelling platform and engaging technique, kamau masterfully captured Lilly-En in her initial moments of opposition to her gradual elation. And the pictures were beautiful.

– Hatshepsut, Mother



Working with kamau has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have had with any collaborator. He’s an artful storyteller in his own right and a talented, respectful partner in the process of discovering how best to capture the essence of my work.

– Shannon Hummel, Founding Artistic Director of Cora Dance

portraits-gallery A-010

Kamau is so much more than an extremely talented and creative spirit. He held the power to motivate me numerous times while he was my teacher during my high school years, and today and for the rest of my life, this man is truly an inspiration.

– Kaitlin Coffey, actress